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The climate is changing and we are changing too… It is no longer acceptable to bury our head in the sand and hope the environment will fix itself. Global warming doesn’t only affect the next generation, it’s happening now and radical times require radical action.

There’s a massive shift at Paradigm Global as we turn over a Blue Leaf. Our mission is to help businesses reduce their print related costs and environmental impact. This isn’t impossible! We’re helping companies across the UK achieve just that. Keep posted as we share your success stories and show how you too can help change the future of our planet.

Sustainability doesn’t cost the earth, doing nothing does!┬áPeople assume that doing the right thing comes at a cost, but the truth has never been more different. The industry works hard at convincing people to do the same thing they’ve always done and it’s just insane. We are helping customers to see change not only as good, but necessary and what’s even better, is it helps reduce costs, not increase them.

Chris Lomas, Managing Director, Blue Leaf

How can you benefit?

  • Small decisions have huge consequences. It’s simply wrong to say I can’t make a difference and the decisions your business makes today, will have far reaching benefits on the environment. We don’t just encourage businesses to look at their print environment, we encourage them to look at every area.
  • Whether its changing our light bulbs, or reducing unnecessary trips, we can make positive change and not only help to protect our natural resources, but reduce our costs too..
  • What can I do? This is a question we get asked all the time. It’s a little known fact that laser printers and copiers are bad for the environment, heating to 200 degrees centigrade every time you press, print. This has a devastating impact on not only the world we live in, but on our budget as well, creating unnecessary costs.
  • By simply changing the Epson’s business ink you not only save up to 50% in print related costs, but up to 98% in packaging consumption, 96% in energy and 94% in CO2.

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