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People ask me how I can be so passionate about sustainability when I supply printers and copiers. The answer is simple; although some companies are doing a great job going paper-less, there are those who have no choice. What we do is give companies a product that is as environmentally friendly as possible, and helping them reduce their CO2 by as much as 98% which is a huge step in the right direction.

Another area that is close to my heart is paper. So many people print paper like its a free commodity. ITS NOT! As well as being a huge cost to your company, it is a huge cost to the environment. Paper manufacture has an impact on the environment because the process requires trees. According to data from the Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down each day around the world with a significant percentage being used in the paper industry.

Well, this is my guide to ways your company can reduce your paper consumption whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

My top tips..

  • Doubled sided printing to save paper
    It may seem obvious, but is one that’s so easily missed. When it comes to printing documents, make sure you print double-sided. In most cases you can set duplex as standard, which means you don’t have to remember all the time. This is something that may already be set, but is a must in every office environment. At a time when we want offices to be paper-less, this is the quickest and easiest fix, which it’s why it’s my No.1
  • Don’t over-print
    Avoid printing unnecessarily. Think before you print. Check and then double-check. I grew up in a time when people used to print everything…..documents, presentations, invoices. We simply don’t have that luxury anymore, not to mention, it’s simply isn’t necessary. Technology has come a long way since then and we need to resist the temptation to touch and feel things that can quite happily be viewed on our computer screen.
  • Re-using scrap paper
    There’s always plenty of paper around offices which gets thrown away all the time. Think about it, this paper could be reused for scrap! People are always looking for a little bit of paper to write notes on. This may seem a small saving, but over time it soon mounts up.
  • Unsubscribe to Junk Mail
    If you’re subscribed to any mailing lists, unsubscribe from them now and move to digital media. The chances are, anything you receive through the post will be available through email. Whilst it may be nice to litter your reception area with magazines, it comes as a huge cost to the environment and is completely unnecessary in today’s digital age.
  • Communicate via email
    Another stating the completely obvious, but it amazes me how many businesses still send hard-copies. STOP, you don’t need to. If it requires an envelope, it requires paper. And if it requires paper, then it requires trees. Not to mention you will be saving your company a lot of money on purchasing paper and stamps.

The Facts

We don’t just care about how you print, we care about what you print on and if you’re going to use paper, then make sure it’s the best possible option for your business AND the environment.

  • Burying waste paper as landfill releases methane gas, which is 23 times higher and more harmful to the environment than CO2.
  • On average, the production of virgin fibre paper, followed by incineration uses twice as much energy than it takes to produce recycled paper.
  • Recycling reduces CO2 emissions by 20% in comparison with incinerating the paper.
  • Paper fibres can be recycled 4 to 5 times.
  • The process of creating recycled paper uses 31% less energy* than the creation of virgin fibre paper.

Get in touch for a free, no obligation assessment of how you can reduce your carbon emissions and reduce costs.

Using our specialist analytics platform, we can identify savings across your entire business and not just in your print room.

  • Always proof-read and preview
    Make sure you always proof-read your work before printing. If you’re planning on printing off large documents and you realise there are spelling mistakes in it, you only need to re-print the affected pages. You should also always preview your work to make sure it looks exactly how you want it. Printing documents twice because of a mistake is a waste of paper and greatly impacts the environment, as well as your costs.
  • Store all documents electronically
    Store as many documents as you can electronically, this will save printing them off and having them all around the office. It will save a lot of storage space and they’re more easily accessed, especially when storing them in the cloud. There is excellent software that exists to enable you to manage your document workflow and streamline you operations to enable you to become more efficient.

  • Always Recycle
    If you haven’t already, get a recycling bin in your office. This should be used by all staff members who have any paper they want to throw away which they can’t reuse. It should then be collected and recycled properly. Paper is a very important resource, and we cut down trees to make it. Recycling paper is very important as we can make many things from it.
  • Use technology
    Buying a projector for your conference room or other meeting spaces can be a big upfront expense, but technology investments usually save you money in the long run. You can save the image to your computer and share as needed, eliminating the need to print off hard copies of slide decks or other presentation materials. Our Epson projectors are available on request and offer the highest of quality and environmental advantages.


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