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What We Do

We love the environment, and we love saving people money as well..

Doing the right thing shouldn’t come at a cost and we pride ourselves on being able to ‘save’ customers money, as well as helping significantly reduce their environmental impact.

It’s not an either/or, but an opportunity to achieve huge cost savings, carbon reductions of more than 94%, whilst at the same time improving productivity.

Managed Print is changing and together we help customers make better decisions for their businesses, as well as the environment.

Reduced Cost
Increased Productivity
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Our Solutions

Managed print solutions to suit every business need

Subscription Managed Print Solutions

We’re changing the way customers manage their printing by supplying, installing and maintaining the equipment free of charge for a single low and easy monthly payment.

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Pay Per Click Print Solutions

Flexible print consumption reduction strategies; we recognise that customers don’t always have predictable print demand and need the flexibility of a pay-per-click solution.

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What You Can Do

Make a huge difference

Low power consumption and the minimisation of waste with high-capacity ink packs not only reduce costs, but also contribute to reducing environmental load. 

When evaluating the impact of materials and manufacturing use, the CO2 emissions of our devices are considerably lower, demonstrating their incredible environmental performance.

Our Approach

We’re on a mission to empower businesses to be better for the planet

Blue Leaf is disrupting the Managed Print Service industry, by providing equipment that is guaranteed to save you money and your carbon footprint.

From digital ‘multi-functional’ printers, to ultra fast and reliable business copiers, we’re changing the way customers manage their printing by supplying, installing and maintaining equipment that delivers extraordinary cost benefits, and environmental savings.

Our Approach

Reduce energy costs by up to 96%
Reduce packaging by up to 98%
Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 94%
Reduce print costs by up to 50%

Managed Print Services

What is a Managed Print Service?

Simply put, Managed Print is a specific service that assigns responsibility for part or all of your printer fleet to a specialist company who work with you to identify cost savings, efficiencies and improvements.

This can involve supplying equipment specifically tailored to your business and processes, which will be fit for purpose and therefore deliver significant benefits.

Typically and where you may have been sourcing toners and cartridges, it can also save ink costs by as much as half, and therefore reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Similar to your mobile phone, all of these benefits can be delivered for one easy monthly payment, meaning you can experience all these benefits without incurring any upfront costs.  

Minimising hassle & cost

Whilst we supply a whole host of office solutions, Epson have developed new high-capacity ink packs for business use. By reducing replacement frequency, operating efficiency and cost performance are drastically increased.

There is no other brand that enables you to focus on running your business and not perpetually managing your fleet, like Epson.

Capable of printing up to 120,000 pages before needing to replace the ink, no other device offers the same flexibility or delivers the same level of efficiency.

To learn more about these incredible devices, please call our team on 0208 017 6553